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Floonies®& Co.

Expression Puppets with Attitude.

We are happy to introduce the Floonies, the handmade multi-face puppets.  Quirky and fun these Floonies® will amaze you with an ability to change their mood and transform their face into many expressions. “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

Floonies® come alive for many ages and situations from therapy to creativity.  

Office- De-stress, transform moods, break tensions or simply use it as a sign.  “Do not disturb”. “Don’t even think about it”.

Hospital- Lift spirits, relieve boredom, liven conversation. Or use it as a distraction.

Uni. Students- Create elaborate animations easily with a Floonie.

Teenagers- Great for movies, comics, animations, face book and you tube. Or - Use it as a sign. “Stay away from me man”. “That’s what she said”. “Do not enter”.

Young Children- Learn about moods and feelings and how to transform them by understanding the process of – Thought - (changes) - Feeling - (creates) - Action.

Toddlers- Parents can bring a story to life with a Floonie. “Oh, you’re such a star”.

Photos – Create characters or feelings and take lots of photos. Later you will think of what to do with the photos. Teaching tools, comics, lifetime memories.

What Is a Floonie Made Of? Outside a Floonie is latex, like a swimming cap.  Inside a Floonie is a white, dry, non toxic powder accepted through customs worldwide.  

How do I care for my Floonie? Do square your Floonie and put it back in its plastic bag when not in use. Do have clean hands before using your Floonie.Do treat your Floonie like your best buddy. Don’t leave in direct sunlight. Don’t pinch, twist or overstretch. Don’t poke with sharp objects or poke a single finger deep through to the other side.

Floonies don’t play well with cats, dogs or babies.

How Long Will My Floonie Last? Floonies are guaranteed to break. Latex breaks down with oxygen, sunlight, molding…. 1 Floonie year is equivalent to 100 human years. Look after your floonie to get it to live to be 100. When your floonie breaks always remember the good times and send off a blessing or have a wake.  God bless this Floonie.  

Warning! Floonies are unsuitable for children under the age of 4 and are not intended for consumption.

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ENJOY! WITH LOVE FROM THE…     Floonies® & Co.      www.floonies.com.au

Handmade in Western Australia.  Wendy 0427336696  floonies@bigpond.com

Shop 64/65, Fremantle Markets, Fremantle WA 6160 Australia


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