The Hemp Hut

Store Details

Store Number: 70



The first stall at the Fremantle Markets, focusing exclusively on hemp products, including, but not limited to; cosmetic and therapeutic products, pre-packaged hemp food products ie. Hulled hemp seeds/powders and oils, to more unique hemp products; hemp paper, fabric, clothing etc. 

Our focus and mission as a small business, with plans to expand, is to bring about an understanding of all the amazing hemp products and brands currently operating in Australia.

With this goal in my mind, we have a passion for sustainability, We feel hemp will be a part of our transition into a more sustainable society and by utilizing this opportunity, our main focus is not only to bring a new and vibrant retail experience to the patrons of the Fremantle Markets, but also to have the chance to educate the public on the wonders of this plant and the role it can play in helping individuals become healthier and more sustainable along with society and industry at large

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