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It's what's on the inside that counts


Our intentions when we dreamt up this product was to not just create something super delicious, but to also bring back the nostalgic feelings, emotions and memory's that came with our first ever experience with cookie dough. 

It was always a naughty little treat that could only be enjoyed when your mum looked the other way, probably because it’s the equivalent of red cordial for kids, but more so the fact that the raw eggs and raw flour can be harmful to your health! 

So we have worked our way around this issue by completely removing the eggs and heat treating the flour, therefore completely eliminating the need for your mum to tell you twice not to eat it.

Our product is made with a love for cooking that we both learnt from an early age. Each scoop we serve provides a key to unlock of those naughty little memories of childhood content and a mother’s love. Each bite can bring a beautiful a uniquely individual experience for each of our customers, which is what makes us and them come back for more every time. 



We just love cookie dough!


We've created a range of edible cookie dough in a variety of flavours which are preservative free, egg free, and totally safe to eat. We even have gluten free and vegan flavour if that's how you roll.

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