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At Smash Grill we don’t go crazy with toppings. Our chef, born and raised in Chicago, respects the beef! The meat is freshly ground in-house every morning.

Come watch us take a puck of raw beef and smash it on a hot griddle, flipping it into a patty with an intense dark-brown sear. The patty has an almost overwhelming beefiness with cheese oozing down its sides, while the flavourful potato buns stay soft, soaking up just the right amount of beef juice. A simple garnish of grilled onion ribbons, homemade pickles, tomato and lettuce works a magic. Everything is bundled together into the irresistible Smashburger, with home-made creamy burger sauce.

If you want an egg plopped on top for a delicious mess, give Smashmelt a go.

We know Perthians love for their chickens. Don’t worry, we do chicken sandwiches crisp and juicy like no other.

For fellow vegetarians, Portaburger’s on the menu. With a panko-crumbed juicy portabella mushroom cap as big as the buns, Portaburger makes a perfect snack for non-vegetarians too.

Now about all that’s missing are the sesame seeds. Trust me you won’t miss them a bit!

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