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Hand made in Toodyay WA

Butlers Fire Cider contains over 20 immune-boosting and metabolism stimulating ingredients with a range of health benefits including:

  1. Immune system support - perfect winter flu tonic

  2. Boosting metabolism and stimulating digestion

  3. Relieving muscle cramps and post-workout soreness

  4. Antibacterial agent - can help with candida overgrowth

  5. pH and blood sugar regulation

  6. Powerful pre-biotic promoting good gut health

  7. Heartburn, reflux and indigestion aid

  8. Soothes sore throats

  9. Heart health – removing plaque from the arteries

  10. Reduces high blood pressure & high cholesterol

  11. Assists weight loss

  12. Powerful Antioxidant

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