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Fruity Flakes is a dream come true of a Latin heart in love with a country  and a wonderful culture wanting to know more and more of the world.

For Viviana, our CEO, there are no limits to fulfill dreams, for her the higher you dream, the more motivation there will be to make them come true, always acting in the best way, hand in hand with God and being happy .

From the first day our dreamer arrived in Perth in 2014, a dream evoked in her hometown of Cali – Colombia  and her childhood began to grow in her head. Today is a wonderful reality that promises to continue growing.

With fresh fruit-based products we offer a different alternative to enjoy all the benefits of fruits and a place to meet with families and friends.

Undertaking anywhere in the world is not easy, it takes a lot of courage, discipline, determination, but above all good alliances, of people who believe in the dream in the same way and are willing to work hard towards the same goal.

Nathalia our Co-CEO has been fundamental to get to where we are today and together with Viviana and a wonderful group of collaborators work hard to fill the palates with sweet flavors, special moments and make many happy hearts.

As from the first day it all started, every second we work hard for you and to make this dream as big as possible.

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