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Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea

Store Details

Store Number: 7

0412 855 663


The West Australian news paper issue on 18 November 2010

Dosukoi's Terry Komatsuzaki dosen't like queues at his ramen stall at the Fremantle Markets, so at peak hour, you place your order, pay, get a tiket, leave your mobile number and wander off till you get an SMS to come back and eat your soup. Ramen is the classic Japanese noodle dish and Dosukoi doesn't encourage takeaways because the noodles go soft and soggy after five minutes.

Like all good things, the food here is worth the wait and the Ramen is served on a traditional pork bone stock (Tonkotsu) with Shoyu (soy sauce) or Miso flavouring, though you can have SOBA or UDON noodles, instead on a fish stock base.

The stall is tiny, with seating for 13 people, but things move quickly because it's an eat-and-run type of place.

Olga de Moeller

Thanks for Mis.Olga de Moeller at The West Australian Newspaper and our customers.


Summer time special !!

All noodles can be made cold!!
It's very cool!!

Enjoy at Fremantle Markets.


Items available:

----- Egg noodles -----
1-Japanese original Ramen  7.50
2-Negi Ramen / Leek Ramen  8.50
3-Karashi Negi Ramen / Spicy leek Ramen  9.00
4-Cha-syu-men / Pork Ramen  9.00
5-Prawn dumpling Ramen  9.00
6-Karaage Ramen / Chicken Ramen  9.00

----- SOBA (buckwheat noodle) or UDON (wheat noodle) -----
7-Sansai Soba or Udon / Japanese Vegetable Soba or Udon  7.50
8-Ebiten Soba or Udon / Prawn tempra Soba or Udon  8.50
9-Kakiage Soba or Udon / Tempra flitter Soba or Udon  8.00

----- Artcle -----
Kara-age / Japanese flied chicken   5.00
Taco ball / Takoyaki      6.00

----- Bubble Tea and Drinks -----
All Bubble Tea  4.00
Ramune  3.00

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