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Hello flower lovers!  I’m Donna,  The Freo Florist (in the Yard) at the Fremantle Markets.

I source flowers grown in WA and Australia to bring you a sustainable supply of beautiful blooms.  I also work as an “Eco-florist” which means you will mostly take home materials that can be composted, re-used or recycled without damaging our environment - everyday things like glass, brown paper and string.  

You’ll find a simple aesthetic here - the flowers can be their earthy, organic selves, and you can enjoy them as gifts, at home or at your events.  I’m a trained florist and I can make flower crowns, button-holes, corsages, long and low arrangements, vases, wedding and event flowers.  

If you like the look and ethic of my work, you can ask me to help with your special occasions.

I stock fresh and dried flowers, plants and botanical greeting cards.  

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