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GFree Donuts Freo is a local, family business. Two sisters Priscilla Anne & Ballantyne are the owners with their husbands, Peter and Jeremiah. 

GFree Donuts started because a father wanted to make donuts for his son who was a coeliac. Years later, the recipe has been perfected and passed on. GFree Donuts are incredibly light and cooked fresh to order so they’re warm and lightly dusted in cinnamon when you bite into them! 

GFree Donuts Freo is proud to be a part of the Fremantle community offering the very best gluten-free donuts. Additionally, GFree Donuts Freo also offer vegan donuts for those who are gluten and dairy intolerant. The best part? They taste out of this world! 

Available freshly cooked to order or pre-order for birthdays and special occasions 0426 271 329. Follow on Insta or FB @gfreedonutsfreo 

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