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Welcome to the Great Northern Distillery. The home of the Kimberley Rum Company.


Based in the Swan Valley, on the outskirts of Perth, Great Northen Distillery make some of Australia's most awarded spirits.

Their trademarked brands include:

  • Canefire Rum, A unique spirit using Australian unrefined sugar. Unlike some rums that use molasses it is brewed using unrefined sugar. They gently cold brew using our own high quality yeast. It takes a bit longer to brew but they think it is worth it.

  • Our Premium Canefire Rums have been awarded Double Gold and Best in Show on three continents. They are a proud family owned WA business that punches well above their weight.

  • Maiden Voyage Spiced Rum. Three totally different spiced rums infused with Australian botanicals. The Maiden represents the bold beauty of the West Australian coastline with a nod to traditional maritime ties whilst embracing the journey and sense of adventure.

  • Faithful Henry Liqueurs. A selection of specialty cocktail liqueurs designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

  • Commercial Customers. They also process wine waste from the wineries of the Swan Valley. Manufacturing fortifying spirit for use in the wine industry throughout the state. They manufacture and supply potable neutral spirit for approved manufacturers in Western Australia.