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About My Pottery

As a child growing up in the wheat-belt of Western Australia, my sister and I used to dig up clay from the local dam and create little animals and coil pots and from this beginning grew a passion. Now I use a Australian made clay which comes from Melbourne and is highly refined making it versatile and strong.  Stoneware pottery is twice fired with the final firing at 1300'c resulting in a superior end product. This makes it more durable than more commonly used earthenware. Each glaze is mixed to a recipe of minerals and oxides to produce colours and textures unique to my desire. Once glazed, each piece is safe for use in microwaves, ovens and dishwashers and will stand the test of time.

Thank you for taking and interest in my passion.

I also do children's parties with clay, where the children can create their own little piece of art work, that I fire for them to take home.

For more info. contact Judy Nastov.

* Judy trades on a casual basis, please call her for the next trading dates.

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