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Nougat has been an important part of Italian life for generations and it is part of the fabric of every celebration. Weddings, Christmas time and family get-togethers would not be the same without nougat. Our traditional recipe dates back generations to our home town of Taurianova in the South of Italy where the Romeo family still produces nougat to this day.

Moving to Australia presented many unique opportunities for the production of nougat. The worlds best natural honey, fresh almonds and a warm dry climate were a nougat makers delight.

The new ingredients and the fact that the Australian taste differed from the continental palette meant that our recipe was modified to better suite the taste of our Aussie cousins. Needless to say we've had no complaints - especially from Italians enjoying our new Macadamia Soft Nougat!!

Mondo Nougat is quite simply made from the very best ingredients. The almonds, honey and eggs all combine with our secret ingredients to make the perfect Australian nougat. Visit our factory outlet in the heart of the Swan Valley, Western Australia to watch your favourite nougat being made today.

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