Fremantle Markets Truffle Extravaganza


Saturday 6th July 2024


9:00am - 6:00pm


The Fremantle Markets Truffle Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to the indulgence and appreciation of truffles. Hosted at the historic Fremantle Markets, this festival brings together truffle enthusiasts, foodies, and the community to revel in the delights of this exquisite delicacy. Throughout the festival, visitors can explore an array of truffle-infused dishes, learn about truffle cultivation, and participate in various activities designed to engage and educate.

Fremantle Markets Truffle Extravaganza is perfect for; 

  • Food Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about culinary experiences, gourmet food, and unique flavours.
  • Truffle Lovers: People who appreciate the distinct aroma and taste of truffles and are eager to explore new ways of incorporating them into their cuisine.
  • Families: Those seeking a fun and educational experience for both adults and children.
  • Tourists: Visitors to Fremantle looking for an authentic cultural and culinary experience.
  • Food Industry Professionals: Chefs, restaurateurs, and food vendors interested in learning more about truffles and exploring new culinary possibilities.

The Fremantle Markets Truffle Festival offers a diverse range of activities to engage and entertain attendees:

  • Visitors can sample a variety of truffle-infused dishes and products, from truffle oils and salts to truffle-infused cheeses and chocolates.
  • Learn the art of cooking with truffles, offering insights, tips, and recipes to inspire attendees to create their own truffle dishes at home
  • A marketplace featuring local producers, artisans, and vendors offering a wide array of truffle-related products, including fresh truffles, truffle-infused oils, condiments, and more.

The Fremantle Markets Truffle Festival aims to be a memorable and enriching experience, celebrating the exquisite flavor and aroma of truffles while fostering community spirit and culinary exploration.

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