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Colour  Colour  Colour

Water Beads with the WOW factor

Come and visit our colourful new stand at Fremantle Markets where our friendly staff will introduce you to the sensory world of WATER BEADS.

Firstly you will be transfixed by the light, colour and movement you are faced with.

Then dive your hands into a bowl of sparkling water beads and experience the gentle massage effect. Some people find it a little slimy, some want to dive into a bath full of water beads, but there is no denying it,- it’s a sensory experience.

See how to make decorative creations by layering or mixing the various colours. Our staff are quite knowledgeable about colours and are willing to advise you on how to achieve various effects.

Our extensive array of water beads make a great gift idea particularly if you need to travel with or post them as they are small and compact until you add water.

We give you written instructions with every purchase (not that it’s hard to do). You can also visit our web site

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