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Hello Bonsai Lover!

This is a young Bonsai, please enjoy the practical art of looking after a Bonsai; such as watering and pruning, etc. This process does make people feel happy, your Bonsai will be very beautiful in time, let nature do its thing and only time can do that…


A Guide To Keep Your Bonsai’s Healthy- For Drought Resistance Plants!

1. Sunlight about 2 hours a day, morning sun is best, shade area or filter light(40%).

2. Most important “WATER”, these plants were imported into WA (Perth), cause they are similar to our native plants.



A=Perth Plants, most of them would have drought tolerance/resistance. They are meant to withstand our hot SUMMER. They don’t mind being a little dry (soil), before need water, in fact, wait till it is a little dry before watering.

For Bonsai beginners and experience, is important to CHECK before watering the Bonsai. This will give you peace of comfort/tranquility, to get it right, you need to check before you water the Bonsai. Eventually, you will develop a keen sense, become used to caring for your bonsai and how to look after Bonsai better.


Lastly B=Tasmania Plants, these Bonsai plants are not made for Tasmania climate. They wouldn’t like being moist all the time, don’t treat them like Tasmania plants, swamp plants or pamper them with water.


Helpful Note;

1. when you hang your cloth to dry, Sunlight x how much and Wind x how much (hot or cold). The weather made a big difference, checking regularly is important to get it right. Then you will become more expert, through those experiences!

2. Sunlight travel straight and reflect off other objects, it is always good to have your bonsai outside for various reason e.g meaning your plants is snacking all day.

3. Indoor or Outside having good air circulation is very good for Bonsai, making your Bonsai much healthy by preventing saturation (roots rot), pest and disease, etc. 

4. Control environment for your bonsai, not only is good for the bonsai healthy, but also for easier care, and this guide helps you to achieve this, with some basic principle “Control environment”.

5. don’t forget to fertilize your bonsai at-lest once a month, seaweed base, etc.


Kind regards

Ki Bonsai

Contact: Owner/Manager: Steven Siv Pheng Ki

Mobile no. 0434 662 552



Owner/Manager: Steven Siv Pheng Ki

Mobile no. 0434 662 552

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