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Margaret River Fudge Factory

Store Details

Store Number: N

Contact Person: Margaret River Fudge Factory

08 9758 8881


The Margaret River Fudge Factory is 100% Australian owned and started operating in 1999. Margaret River is situated approximately 3 hours south of Perth and has become a popular tourist area famous for its wines and food produce.

The origin of the candy called 'fudge' was probably the accidental graining of caramel prepared with high sugar content. Some manufacturers have labelled basic caramel as being fudge. There is one important difference between caramel and fudge. Caramel is basically a fat emulsion in an amorphous syrup with the milk protein dispersed with the fat and milk protein, in the syrup phase of a saturated solution of sugar and glucose.

The fudge manufactured at the Margaret River Fudge Factory follows the definition and correct recipe for fudge and was devised after years of trial and error in Australia. The fudge is made by the process of rapid mixing and is the 'home made' product we all love.

To ensure that every piece of fudge maintains the highest level of quality each phase of our preparation and production is done by hand.

We individually inspect all ingredients in every batch of fudge. We closely monitor the temperature and cooking time of the fudge. A slight variation in cooking time or temperature could cause the fudge not to set or too lose its robust flavour.

Our cooking process allows us to give the fudge the individual attention that machine or mass production cannot.

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