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It’s fair to say that distilling runs through the blood of the McRobert family with their ancestral links to a Master Distiller, William John McRoberts, (born 1824).  At age 21, William travelled from Ireland to America where he made his mark on the Cincinnati distilling scene during the mid 1800’s. Having started out as a drayman he was destined to become the master of not one, but three distilleries.  

Today, walking in their ancestors footsteps, Ian and Shane McRobert’s lifetime love affair of single grain whiskies and the desire to create their own craft spirits, went from pipedream to business plan in early 2017.  Their approach was to source the best advice and equipment from around the globe to create a bespoke state-of-the-art craft distillery in their home state of Western Australia.

Through a union of quality local ingredients, traditional time honoured methods, science, art and passion, the McRobert family are continuing their family legacy and crafting their own unique Western Australian spirits.   

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