Store Details

Store Number: Y2

Contact Person: Jean Bello Sangronis

0406 901 107


Kachapas offers a fresh, nutritious, high quality and authentic Latin menu at an excellent value; completely unique in the quick serve food industry with a kick of delectable flavours that give our dishes a real wow-factor and continuously incentivize word-of-mouth to spread, encouraging new customers to try our products and loyal customers to keep coming back. Additionally, in Kachapas we have been particularly dedicated to our customer service, aiming to always go above and beyond expectations. Our efficiency and prompt service, our attentiveness to individual requirements, our willingness to make special amendments to satisfy our costumer’s needs and our friendliness as our signature trait, has also contributed in earning ourselves a reputation as one of the top options in the market.

In Kachapas there are options for all likes and dietary requirements. We look forward to serving you with Venezuelan charm and offering you an unforgettable culinary experience.

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