Retrospektiv Fremantle

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Store Number: 96

Contact Person: Paul & Sylvia

0474 300 943

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We are offering unique handcrafted wooden products which Paul turns and carves from native West Australian timbers and Banksia grandis seed pods in Fremantle. Our range includs hand carved burl bowls, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, tea lights, aroma diffusers, spheres and other decorative items. We also use a large variety of other native seed pods in our craft work making different styles of nut chains and mobiles. 

We also have a nice variety of handmade Olive wood kitchen utensils. Olive wood is a hard and warm colored wood which is valued for its density and distinct grain and that makes these kitchen utensils so popular. We import our utensils from Germany, handmade in a traditional way in diverse countries around the Mediterranean sea, where the olive tree is nativ and common.